Customize Furniture

For most people, the concept of custom furniture seems unrealistic. For a very long time, the only way to get custom furniture was to hire a designer or craftsperson to build something just for you (let’s not even considered about how much it would cost or how much difficult it would be to acquire). Fortunately, Hassan furniture’s  come out to solve this very problem, making it simple, cheaper, low cost and not to mention, way more amusing to mix and match patterns, finishes, sizes, and shapes to produce a piece of furniture that’s ideal for you and your space. Hassan Furniture’s makes custom furniture more cost-effective.

Furniture Repairing

Some time buying new is the only option, but in most of the case’s furniture repairing is feasible, modest option. Furniture repairing service saves money and lower replacement.

Furniture repairing process :

  • Each piece is fully disassembled.
  • Wood and other pieces are examined and then those pieces are groom for repair or renewal in the final patch of reconditioning.
  • New foam, cotton, cushion, springs are added where needed.
  • Fabric is measured, cut, sewn to merge with pillows, backs and the side of furniture then orderly rebuild all component pieces back into a completed form.
  • Iron pressing make sure consistence and fine finishing to end result. After drying the furniture is carefully packed for storage or retransmit.

Working with professional and vast experience Hassan furniture’s provides the service of cleaning, repairing, furnishings, filling, stuffing and covering with fabric in such a way that your furniture is restore its original charm or even better.

We also offer a wide range of solutions to do anything to please our clients. Hassan furniture’s is dedicated to work hard to save your precious and unparalleled furniture. We always suggest best customer service furniture store (Hassan Furniture’s).

Furniture Refinishing

We will work properly to restore the charm of your prized possession. We offer vast options and assistance to our clients as they make color and finish selections. Hassan furniture’s is keen on thinking outside of the box and cares about what is inside of the box.

Our Furniture Refinishing :

  • Each piece is fully disassembled.
  • Wood and other pieces are examined and then those pieces are groom for repair or renewal in the final patch of reconditioning.
  • Varnish and other finishers are applied to your furniture.

We work with our clients to suggest things according to their needs.


Wood Work

Anything and everything you want to know about wood working is provided by Hassan furniture’s. Our company have the expertise of making items from wood and includes cabinet making, wood carving, joinery, carpentry and woodturning. We only use durable sources for our wood to make sure that the industry you love (Hassan Furniture’s) continues for generations to come.


You can’t defeat experience and this is true in Hassan furniture’s. With over 25 years of experience in furniture, we make sure that you get the proper product and the best customer service furniture store. We can suggest on design and methods of manufacture. Our factory makes sure that the furniture is made to our standards. We know how each piece is made, what precipitation content the wood is, and when we can supply it. We make sure that we provide our customers with the best products.